Electric Mermaid's NY to Bahamas Coastal Tour is in the horizon...

as soon as the stars align and that Ranger 28' sailboat is blessed with its new motor - electric, of course.

whenever that happens, it'll be sweet.

meanwhile, follow @svelectricmermaid on Instagram

for some local dates and

enjoy the latest tracks produced...


Waiting For No One
...on every music platform imaginable
Pauline Salotti - music, lyrics, vocals
Chris Marshak - drums/percussion
Peter Calo - guitar
Dennis Crouch - bass
Erica Stenquist - backing vocals
Produced by Chris Marshak & Pauline Salotti
Mixed by Ben Wisch
Released on 7/6/2020 


My Oh My
Pauline Salotti - vocals, classical guitar
Danny Boy - electric guitars
Mixed by Kevin Kelly
Written and produced by Pauline Salotti
Released on 3/8/18

My Oh MyPauline Salotti
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